Class Action Brought Against Civic Dismissed

Nancy Li

Nancy Li

Yesterday, in a notice provided to Civic by the the United States District Court – Southern District of New York, the class action lawsuit brought against Civc, which began in April of 2020, was dismissed.

The dismissal of this case signals the end of a lengthy and hard fought process for Civic. During the past year plus the company remained confident that we would prevail, not just on behalf of Civic, but in support of the crypto ecosystem overall. Nonetheless, sometimes being on the right side of an argument is not enough (and we were right), so it is with a certain sense of vindication that we tick this one in the win column for Civic and for crypto.

We would like to offer our heartfelt and sincere thanks to our loyal Civic community, our counsel, and to the crypto community at large for your support. The innovative interconnected web of projects that call crypto home are an incredible group, and we count ourselves lucky to be among them. Onward and upward! Our work has just begun!

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