Civic and Onfido Partner to Make AI-Powered Identity Verification More Accessible for the Civic Wallet

Civic Team

Civic Team

AI-powered identity verification and blockchain puts Civic Wallet users in control of their own data

Onfido, the award-winning global identity verification platform, today announced a partnership with Civic, the premier blockchain identity and payment solution provider, to power the company’s Civic Wallet, which will be available this fall. Onfido will enable the company to onboard new users swiftly and securely while giving them more control over their privacy.

Identity verification is at the core of our business, so it’s no surprise that we’ve chosen Onfido, a best-in-class global identity verification platform, to power the Civic Wallet, our next-generation digital wallet that will be available in the fall.

You could call it a true positive match. 

Onfido shares our vision of providing everyone with a digital identity they may own and control, and because of this, we’ll be able to offer a better identity ecosystem for everyone. As our earliest validator, we quickly saw how the company’s advanced technology delivered higher pass rates without compromising on fraud protection. Together with Onfido, we’ll be able to provide the highest quality for our users.

Onfido’s ​​technology enables Civic to quickly and easily verify the identities of people signing up for the Civic Wallet. To sign up, you will simply take a photo of your government-issued identity document and then Onfido’s AI-powered technology assesses whether it’s genuine or fraudulent, while we will compare the document to your facial biometrics for an extra layer of security. Civic’s own blockchain-based technology secures your personal information by allowing multiple parties to use personally identifiable information without sharing the underlying data, ultimately giving you back more control.

Civic Wallet is currently open for pre-registration. The Wallet prioritizes privacy, control, and choice for the user. It also offers peace of mind and simplicity when transacting with cryptocurrencies. With Civic Wallet, you will be able to store, send and receive crypto, safely and seamlessly in a way that sets a new standard for the industry.

Security is of paramount importance to us, and we’re integrating the latest design thinking into the Civic Wallet. We’ve chosen to store a user’s identity information and crypto directly on the device. This allows you to maintain control of your personal data, protecting your identities and money. Private keys are safely stored on your mobile device, and redundant backup systems ensure that the digital wallet may easily be restored if a person’s mobile device is lost or stolen.

Onfido joins BitGo in partnering with us to power the Civic Wallet. By combining Onfido’s AI-powered identity verification with BitGo’s multi-signature blockchain technology, we will reduce fraud and create a network that’s safer for everyone. The combination of identity and payment also enables a frictionless experience that allows for a new subset of product offerings, such as age-gated products like beer vending or geo-restricted services. 

To pre-register for the Civic Wallet powered by Onfido’s AI identity verification technology, sign up here.

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