Effortless Secure Checkout with Civic Wallet, powered by CardConnect

Civic Team

Civic Team

We get it. Keeping your business running smoothly is your priority. Having the right tools in place can make all the difference when business picks up. That’s why we’re proud to announce we’ve partnered with CardConnect, a First Data company, to launch the next-generation identity and payment network, which will streamline checkouts and reduce risk, improving the overall experience for your customers. Additionally, when as a merchant, you accept payments using the Civic Wallet, your customers will be able to transact everywhere privately, securely, and conveniently.

With a more streamlined payment experience, your business will benefit from improved business operations, top-notch data security, better reporting and transaction management, and improved interchange optimization. Your customers will have more payment options and the flexibility to use their mobile devices for payments if they choose.

New Checkout Experience

You’ll be saved from constantly switching between payment platforms because integrating payments into your existing business management software will quickly transform the platform into a true single-source solution. With streamlined transaction reports and fee optimization, the entire payment platform is easier and cheaper overall. Finally, you can rest easier knowing that your customers’ sensitive information is protected by features like point-to-point encryption and tokenization. Better yet, these features will also allow you to reduce the time and costs associated with maintaining PCI compliance. Whether in your store or online, with Civic Wallet you can ask customers to verify their identity or to access age-restricted products when paying. Also, customers can earn points or cashback as part of loyalty programs tailored to your business.

Civic Wallet for brick-and-mortar businesses

Wouldn’t it be nice to never lose a customer because you can’t accept their preferred payment card? Civic Wallet is better than other leading solutions because it can connect to any card, not just the limited payment options approved by those companies. Accepting payments through Civic Wallet powered by CardConnect means that customers don’t have to carry all their cards with them to make payments when they shop with your business — they may use their preferred card without fear that it won’t be accepted. 

Civic Wallet for e-Commerce

Checkout is arduous for customers when they don’t have payment methods auto-saved on your website or if they’re trying to pay with a different card every time. What if customers could checkout using the Civic Wallet app and choose the card they want to pay? Checkout now takes much less time, so people are less likely to abandon their shopping carts because payment takes too long. This helps your bottom line by helping ensure customers can complete the checkout process.

The Checkout of the Future

Civic Wallet users may pay with any payment card of their choice, and their payment information is protected by industry-leading security features. They’ll also benefit from knowing that they have more control over using their identity when they pay, like anonymously proving that they are over a certain age, for example.

It’s a big step on the way toward getting your mobile device to one day replace your physical wallet. 

Find out more about Civic Wallet with CardConnect.

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