Civic Secure Identity Users: Say Hello to Civic Wallet

Nancy Li

Nancy Li

When we designed and launched Civic Wallet earlier this year, we took into account what we’d learned from Civic Secure Identity to build a better, more flexible experience for users in Civic Wallet. 

We’re proud of the added functionality and product flow that we’ve built in Civic Wallet. With this improved user experience now in place, we will be removing Civic Secure Identity from app stores by the end of November and asking these users to download Civic Wallet.

Starting October 22, 2020

You can download Civic Wallet (Android | iOS) and register an account. For existing Civic Secure Identity users, please register using the same email address. Once you are in the app, you may use it to scan any partner QR codes or create crypto accounts within the app. Further KYC may be required. Please note that identities are not carried over from Civic Secure Identity.

Starting October 26, 2020

Civic Secure Identity will no longer work on mobile websites and will require you to use Civic Wallet. You may continue using Civic Secure Identity when you access partner sites on desktop until the end of November.

November 30, 2020

Civic Secure Identity will be removed from the app stores.

Using Civic Wallet

Civic Wallet offers enhanced identity management and allows you to send and store Bitcoin globally.  And, it’s all covered by a $1 Million USD Cryptocurrency Protection Guarantee. Civic Wallet holders are able to send and receive BTC around the world to usernames, crypto addresses and to other Civic Wallets via QR codes. By design, Civic Wallet puts you back in the driver’s seat with more control over your information, easy restoration if you ever lose access to your account, and no more complex seed phrases or passwords to remember.

Does everyone need to download Civic Wallet?

All Civic Secure Identity app users are required to migrate over to Civic Wallet. Simply download the app and sign up for an account.

I have a verified account in Civic Secure Identity, do I need to go through verification again in Civic Wallet?

Yes, you will need to set up a new account in Civic Wallet.

Why can’t I create crypto accounts?

Unfortunately, regulations prevent residents from certain countries from transacting with cryptocurrency using Civic Wallet. Our coverage map reflects the countries where residents are eligible to use crypto with Civic Wallet.

How do I undergo additional identity verification?

When you add cryptocurrency to Civic Wallet, you will be prompted to undergo additional identity verification. Our coverage map shows countries where verification is supported.

What personally identifiable information (PII) do you store?

If you opt to download and use Civic Wallet, your PII is stored on your phone. If you create a crypto wallet, we will verify and securely store your PII in accordance with our privacy policy.

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