Civic: Providing Identity Verification Coverage in Over 200 Countries

Anna Aubuchon

Anna Aubuchon

One of the most frequent questions we get from prospective partners is about our identity verification coverage. There are more ID types in the world than are countries, so it’s important for identity verification solutions to cover as many of the most popular ones as possible. At Civic, we make it a priority to accept identity documents from most geographies.

Did you know that with Civic, you get identity verification coverage all over the world? Our range of coverage extends to over 200 countries around the world. Using a combination of ID scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), in-app security measures, selfie comparisons, and liveness checks, people from all parts of the globe can benefit from secure identity verification using the Civic App.

Your customers can use their existing verified IDs, stored only locally in the Civic App (available on iOS 10.3+ and on Android 6+), or they can go through a quick KYC process on their mobile device. No more local uploads, no more having to store ID scans, unless you legally have to. And it’s more secure than desktop-only solutions, as we go the extra mile to verify that the person uploading the identity document is the actual owner of it – that’s where the selfie comparisons and liveness checks help avoid bots and scammers. 

We accept an extensive list of government-issued identification documents including driving licenses, ID cards, passports, permanent resident cards, travel documents, and visas. This list will be updated to reflect any changes in our areas of coverage or the documents accepted in each country.

Take a look at the coverage map here. As Civic grows, we will continue to add resources to the website for prospective and existing partners.

We want to make sure that our users get the most out of the Civic App and that all features are easy to use. We also want to help our users find answers quickly and effectively for the big questions that may come up while using the Civic App to log in, sign up or go through a KYC process.

Do you have more questions about Civic and our Secure Identity Platform? Start with our Help Center or get in touch.

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