Blockchain Identity Management Use Case Awards – Vote for Civic

Civic Team

Civic Team

We believe that blockchain technology will fundamentally change our everyday lives, from the day-to-day to the way businesses serve the world. That’s why we’re honored to be nominated for the Blockchain Identity Management Use Case Awards, an award founded by Disruptor Daily. The award recognizes companies that are developing practical use cases for blockchain technology, driving its adoption and leveraging the blockchain for all its potential.

At Civic, our goal is to give everyone a digital identity that they own and control because we believe that people will make better choices in protecting their identity when they have more control over their personal data. We have created a digital identity that is accurate, reusable, and protected by high-level encryption and biometrics with an extra layer of security that proves the identity belongs to a physical person. This re-invented authentication enables safer payments, access management, age-restriction, and other transactions. Once identification documentation has been verified and physical presence is detected via advanced AI technology, we write attestations to this data to the blockchain, which can then be verified by requestors, who are typically facilitating a transaction with the user. 

This evening at 5pm Pacific Time, the Disruptor Daily will open the awards for voting, and the winner will be decided entirely by a reader voting process. We encourage our supporters to cast their vote for the Civic identity management before the Friday, Oct. 11 deadline.

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