Civic Pass

An integrated permissioning tool that helps businesses control access to their dApps.

For crypto-native communities, NFT platforms & marketplaces, and DAOs.

  • Permissioned

    Attract the right users and reduce risk with better access control.

  • Trusted

    Your customer’s privacy comes first.

  • Fast

    Seamless verification in seconds.

Maintain trust and safety within your online community

Ensure that appropriate permissioning requirements are deployed in accordance with your requirements:

  • Set standards for vetting and restricting users
  • Protect against bad actors and bots
  • Provide a trusted space for your users

Create permissioned environments

Allow only qualified users to interact with your smart contracts or engage with your community. Customize your permissioned access requirements to manage risk while creating a trusted space for participants:

  • Liveness/Captcha check to ensure real users, not bots
  • Location check based on IP address and VPN detection
  • Identity document check including country filtering
  • Age check without revealing data
  • Sanction screening (OFAC, PEP, and adverse media)

Get started fast

  • Set requirements for vetting and restricting access
  • Supports decentralized applications (dApps)
  • Minimal protocol integration

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